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How do we make money?

Some customers exchange payments using our master processing services - where we take a small fee on each transaction. We also charge enterprises fees for integrations with their existing systems.

All companies get:
Unlimited messaging
Unlimited file storage
Unlimited users
Unlimited payment entities
Unlimited teams, divisions or departments
Full administrative control over your company
Complete control over data from their users
Encrypted transfers and secure cloud architecture
Native iOS, Android, Windows and Mac apps
FINRA, HIPPA, and EU Safe Harbor compliancy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain in detail how payments work on Candex?
A buyer and seller engage in a deal with each other on our website. Either side can add a payment - the seller submits the details of the payment required and the buyer agrees and adds the required information to process a payment from their company. Candex invoices the Buyer, the Buyer pays Candex, and Candex transfers the funds to the Seller less a service charge.
How big is the Candex service charge?
The service charge can vary by company, by category and by country. By default, it is taken from the seller who receives the funds and it can range from 0% to 3%, depending on how the buyer chooses to configure it. You will clearly see the portion due to Candex when you add a payment into a collaboration to begin the invoicing process.
How does Candex work with existing PO payment methodologies?
If your company has a PO process, each invoiced payment will require a PO number from your employee when they accept the invoice from the seller. The invoice will be sent to your organization with that number and will need to be authorized in accordance with your current process before any money is released. The process is highly customizable so different entities can do it in their own custom way.
How does the legal work on these payments?
Candex is the 3rd party beneficiary of the contract between the Buyer and the Seller. In some cases that contract is agreed electronically on Candex, and in some cases, it is agreed offline.
How do the taxes work on payments?
Candex can transfer payments tax efficiently in 50 countries as found on The process varies a little by country so clear instructions will be sent on the acceptance of each payment.
What if the payment is late?
Candex does not make a payment to seller before receiving the funds from the buyer under any circumstances. We keep you updated with invoicing correspondence and recommend that you keep in touch with your business contact to ensure that payments are made on time. Since companies can configure their invoicing process on Candex, they are generally able to process the payments on time and without error.

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